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Thank you for visiting True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester. I hope I have given you as much information as you need on the following pages, but please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions on 07701 027584. Alternatively e-mail me at: truepotentialhypnotherapy@hotmail.co.uk

Are you seeking treatment to help you to overcome a habit, fear or phobia; maybe you are wanting to lose a bit of excess weight which has been creeping on over the years; perhaps you need a bit of help to give up smoking or alcohol; aspire be a great public speaker, or need help with exam or interview nerves. True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester is here to assist you with your problem in the most effective way possible. Contact me to arrange an appointment to discuss your particular needs and treatment plan.

Life is what you make it, so why not make it better!

Hypnotherapy offers a fast effective long-term solution to many issues that prevent people enjoying their life to the full.

  • Overcome low levels of confidence
  • Beat depression and enjoy life again
  • Remove fears and phobias
  • Conquer Insomnia
  • Gain confidence in such areas as public speaking
  • Enjoy a non-smoking future
  • Reduce pain levels, IBS, migraines and headaches
  • Significantly lower levels of stress
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Break unwanted habits e.g. nail biting

Contact True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester on 07701 027584.

What is Hypnotherapy?

hypnotherapists chichester Hypnotherapy is a very "natural" everyday occurrence, and one which we all experience throughout our daily lives. For instance, when absorbed in a book or film, or perhaps driving a familiar route to work, we are naturally in a "trance state".

The brain is made up of two separate parts, the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind responds by taking control of daily decision making. The subconscious stores every memory, feeling, event and idea, skill and habit learnt throughout life, and is responsible for the automatic operation and maintenance of the physical body. The sub-conscious mind also holds our belief system, what we have learnt in our past, what we have been taught, understood and misunderstood.

It is who we are, and even if these beliefs don't make sense in our current conscious mind, our sub-conscious mind will always over-rule. This is often why as we grow and mature, negative past situations can have a detrimental effect on our feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and current behaviour patterns. The subconscious only responds to the way it has been programmed.

The subconscious, therefore, is the part of the mind that needs re-programming to make progress in overcoming certain problems, phobias or habits, like quitting smoking or changing your eating habits for example.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation, during which our subconscious minds are highly receptive to new perspectives and ideas. This is why hypnotherapy is the most powerful tool to help people to deal with and make sense of what is stored in their sub-conscious mind, and move forward in a positive, confident and happy way.

hypnotherapy chichester Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to bring about beneficial changes. It utilizes a state of deep relaxation to access the unconscious mind and activate your inner resources in order to achieve the desired goals. Although it is a sleep-like state you are not asleep and remain in complete control throughout the process. Hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things, in fact it is the opposite, it is about empowerment.

During hypnosis, the mind goes into a state of focused concentration which is similar to deep relaxation, allowing the conscious mind to be by-passed and the subconscious mind to be open to receiving and acting upon verbal suggestions to help alter existing thinking patterns.

Hypnosis is used to successfully treat numerous conditions and it has been shown to be particularly beneficial in dealing with IBS, stress management, stopping smoking and weight loss. Hypnotherapy can improve your life for the better on a daily basis, including the way you feel about both yourself and the world around you.

Here at True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester I offer a free 15 minute initial consultation for you to discuss your needs and for you to decide if I am the therapist to work with you.

Linda Sutherland BSc(Hons),BA,Dip Hyp HSH, Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, & The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

What A Client Suffering from Psoriasis Said About True Potential Hypnotherapy, Chichester

Being naturally sceptical about the benefit of hypnotherapy, my wife suggested I try it as a cure for stress related psoriasis, from which I have suffered for over 20 years. Linda led me through the process calmly and effortlessly making me relate to the cause of the psoriasis from within.

Over several sessions Linda made me think differently about why I carried so much work related stress, and within a matter of weeks the psoriasis disappeared, and has not returned for several months now.

Thanks Linda you have won over a skeptic. [B]

Another Client Suffering from Anxiety...

Hi Linda, I just wanted to thank you for the recent hypnotherapy sessions. I cannot describe how much better I feel, and what an enormous difference you have made not only to my work life but in my personal life as well. I hadn't realised just how much anxiety I was suffering from until it was gone! I was starting to worry about even the most trivial things and that's just not like me. Now I feel so much more confident and I don't worry about the small stuff anymore. So a very big thank you for everything you have done to help me get back to normal.

Thanks again for all your help, you really helped me. [G]

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